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Christmas Gift Ideas – Eco-friendly, Budget Friendly And all Last-minute

Christmas gift Ideas -
Eco-friendly, budget friendly and all Last-minute

Inspiration for last minute christmas gifts that are easy to get or make, eco-friendly AND on a budget

Christmas is in a few days and you still need some gifts

You don´t know what to buy or to give? 

It should be sustainable but shouldn´t cost much?

Don´t worry. I have you covered. There are actually many presents you can buy/make last minute AND are sustainable and kind of for everyone in your life. 

But important is not the gift itself but the thought behind it!

Christmas_ Ball_ Decor

Time together is the most precious thing in the world


I know. It sounds a bit old fashion. But it´s actually perfect for everyone. Sustainable and ideal as last minute gifts.

You can buy tickets or giftcards, do it off- and online or even do some self-made gift cards (always gives it a personal touch). Only advise: make it specific. Don´t just buy a money coupon.

Think about what the person likes, enjoys doing or always wanted to do. Maybe something they wouldn´t buy/ do on their own. I know it can be very difficult. Especially if its the day before Christmas and you need an idea. So here are some tips. 

Concert/Show tickets, e.g. singer, comedians, theater, musical, TV or podcast shows, festivals, maybe for a talk of an expert, a coach or a motivational speaker. 

Spending a day together. Going for a hike. Going brunching. Visiting a local attraction. Why not try Woofing together? Just set a date and have fun together while doing something with your hands.

Cooking, dancing, yoga, language classes, anything where you learn/do something together. Look for places where you can do it and sign up for it. If it´s not next week, the person will find or make time. And it shows you care, really want to spend time together and put thoughts into it. 

Books can change the world and a person´s life


Books are perfect to give away. 

You can buy them last minute, online or in a local book shop (perfect to support small businesses) or as an ebook (ideal for tech persons and people who travel or commute a lot).

And books are not just for bookworms, but for everyone to escape, think, laugh, learn, grow and maybe even change their life. Cooking, self-care, gardening, travels, health, financial and business advise, biographies and of course novels, thrillers, etc. something for everyone.

Books can be an opportunity to inspire or motivate someone. After all Christmas is only a week away from the New Year, where everyone wants to starts fresh with a New Years Resolution. So why not give them something as a motivation for Christmas?! 

Books also work well if you don´t know a person. Just go to local book shop and look for their bestsellers (love “Thalia” in German speaking countries!). Another great source is the New York bestseller list (Sunday edition), Pinterest, Bookbub and

Food brings people together


I know. Another classic gift for/from old people, right? 

But it´s because they already know materialistic stuff doesn´t make you happy. 

Sharing delicious food together and trying something new is memory. And memories are forever.

It doesn´t matter if its self-made or bought. It can be something the person really likes (Even better. Loves it but wouldn´t buy it on their own.) or be something they´ve never tried (if the person is open to it). Food is a gift that at least gets shared if not liked.

Regional food from local small businesses makes a great gift. People often don´t have time to check out local stores and often don´t know it even exists. Plus it´s  a bit more expensive. So it´s a real treat and in 99% extra delicious. Also makes a great souvenir if you travel.

The tricky part, especially today, are dietary restrictions. So you should know a bit about the person. You wouldn´t like to give an alcoholic a fancy bottle of Irish Whiskey, a vegan some French Cheese or a person allergic to nuts some chocolate with traces of nuts. Well, unless you want to make Christmas extra special with a ride to the hospital. 

Enrich someone´s everyday life


There are sooo many things that make life easier and more enjoyable. And one of them are definitely subscriptions! 

So why not give them as a christmas present this year?

Many people don´t know about these services or can´t afford to spend their money on such things.

Others are certain they don´t need it. But you know better. You know they will love it. So why not give them the opportunity to try it and to have more joy in their live?

Why not give the gift of not having to worry about grocery shopping and what to cook? Buy them a hellofresh box abo. Or an organic box for the eco conscious person in your life. Farmdrop is quite popular in the US. In Europe, especially German speaking countries, there are a ton. Flotte Karotte, etepetete-bio and “Die grüne Kiste” are just some German suppliers. Just google and you will find plenty!

And why not do some more good for our planet on Christmas? Eco-friendly subscription boxes are all over social media. For personal and home care. Beauty and wellness products. Mom products. Plants. Zero waste products. There are a ton out there. 

Does someone you know love fashion and you don´t have a present yet? Perfect. Why not show them clothing rentals? This way they can wear designer clothes and the latest trends all the time. AND change their wardrobe without having to worry about money or space! 

And for all the people in your life who love music, books, podcasts. So kind of everyone. Why not buy them Spotify premium, Audible or Blinklist. There are so many out there. And of course it´s winter and therefore time to stay in and watch TV. So subscriptions for Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney and co might be a possibility as well. (But make sure you know what a person already has.)

Personalized mugs and cups


Mugs and cups are perfect for Secret Santa at work but also great for friends and family. Everyone drinks tea, coffee, water. And it´s so easy to personalize them with colors and quotes. Inspire, motivate, make them laugh or just remind them how awesome they are.

Easiest way to buy and perfect for last minute shopping, are supermarkets and gift shops. In the US Target and Walmart have some great cups with motivational quotes, but also reusable water bottles and cups. In Europe gift shops (Nanu Nana), souvenir shops, book shops and supermarkets are the place to go. And of course online. and co have a tremendous selection, which gets sized down when you only have a couple of days till Christmas.

For travelers, athletes and everyone else, a stainless steal water bottle, maybe with a sports cap or lid, is a go to present. I got mine last year for my birthday and just love it.  It has a big mouth (easier to clean and fill ice in it) and additional one sport lid . My favorite brands are Hydroflask, Triple tree and Nature Pioneor. For travelers up to 32oz might be perfect. For people who hike, go camping or to the beach or have games on the weekend, more than 32oz might be better depending on your budget. 

For commuters who love tea or their own coffee in the morning, a reusable stainless steel travel mug that holds the tea warm and the iced coffee cold. Just make sure it´s really leakproof. And for your friend who is obsessed with Starbucks and christmas a reusable Starbuckscup Christmasedition, ecofriendly, and saves your friend 10cent on each beverage.

Self-care - give permission to pause


You had at least one person in mind when reading the headline, right? 

There always is at least one person in your life who is stressed and doesn´t take the time for him/herself. 

So why not help them this Christmas to relax and take that time? 

Buy gift cards for massages and other beauty and wellness products where they can relax and gain energy. Find a (good rated) salon close to their home or work and get a gift card for a specific treatment. If you know the person has a really stressful life and won´t take the time, make already an appointment for them. And remind them. 

If you have a person who cares about their health and well-being and who may already started self-care, why not buy a book to support them? There are many out there to help them grow their knowledge. “Little book of mindfulness”, “52 small challenges. One year to a happier, healthier You.” or “A year of self love” are only a few examples.

And my favorite gift. A journal. Ideal for travelers, writers, goal-achievers and anyone who likes to increase creativity, boosting memories or self-awareness, relieving stress, is in need for inspiration, or just needs to organize their thoughts.

Journals come in all sizes and shapes, designs and colors. So go to the next bookshop or whatever shop you can think of and find something special to help someone grow.

Self-made to show you care about them


Not many people have the time to cook, bake or even handcraft. And especially  around Christmas (being the busiest time of the year and all). 

So baking some cookies or gingerbread or handcraft a little something will be highly appreciated by your loved ones. 

And if you have the time, why not create a photo book? Nowadays everyone has their photos on their phones, laptops or in the cloud. But once taken, they don´t look at them. So make them remember the great time you had together this year.

With not even a week til Christmas, it may be too late for creating a photo book online. But aren´t the old school photo books better anyways? Feeling the photos in your hand? Finding the right words for each photo? Just put some photos on your phone or drive and had over to a photo shop, supermarket or drug store. Print right away and buy a photo book with it. Go home and put it together. It doesn´t even take an hour for all that. 

And if you have the problem, that you have an idea or even multiple ideas for what to give a person for Christmas, but can´t decide or it´s too late to order. Why not make a gift box with all the things you could have bought? Especially if its for your partner. It can be quite fun and shows how much you know him/her.

Just get a present box (or cookie box) and some (colored) paper and a pen. Start writing and put each gift idea on a different sheet of paper. Fold them and put it in a box. Add some sweets or confetti to the box, so it´s more fun to unpack it. Voilá! Perfect gift showing you care and love!

Give the gift of giving


And last but not least. Spending money for a good cause. 

The present for all the people who already have everything, love to give or are hard to please. 


Think about a cause the person might like. If you can´t think of anything just pick what you like. 

Preferably a local charity. For homeless people. Kids in need. Or maybe an animal shelter. Whatever you like. 

But make sure you know what the charity does to avoid an awkward moment when being asked what it´s about. ( has an interactive map with all local charities in the US.)

Happy Holidays

So by now you have hopefully an idea for every one you would like to give a present to this christmas.

A gift you can buy last minute within your budget and eco- friendly

I hope you found some inspiration and are a bit less stressed about getting all the gifts til Christmas. 

As always sharing is caring. So share away and have a great Christmas! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!




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